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Is your dog a curious adventurer addicted to fun? Or maybe it’s a sensitive lazy pet that loves to put its face in your lap? Or you have a really tough guy at home who spends long hours biting and tearing toys apart? No matter what type your pet is, you’re sure to find something for them in our wide range of eco-friendly toys.

Playing with a pet is more than entertainment. This is a great opportunity to get to know your pet, create a common language of communication and train its skills.

The idea of Wikopet toys comes from our pro-ecological approach. We choose processes, machines and tools that allow us to maintain an environmentally friendly strategy that reflects our concern for the world we live in.

Recycled materials

European quality
Machine wash
Pet friendly
toy for pets 100% recycled wikopet
toy for pets 100% recycled wikopet

We want all dogs’ tails to wag with excitement. The happiness, joy and health of our four-legged friends are the main reasons why we look for smart solutions that provide truly amazing experiences, both for happy pets and their loving owners.

Wikopet toys are made of recycled materials and fillings that have been previously tested for durability and quality. Thanks to our innovative production processes, we have reduced the consumption of post-production waste by up to 20%.

Less waste means a healthier world for us and our little friends. We constantly challenge ourselves to implement innovative and ecological solutions that reduce the impact of our production process on the natural environment.

All materials and fillings used in our production are certified, making them completely safe and healthy for dogs. We test our products for stress, elasticity and the effect of moisture on their structure.

Our collection includes three types of toys:




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