Orthopedic Collection

The Orthopedic collection was created for small, medium, large and very large animals that have just undergone surgery, are in the process of rehabilitation or age or breed require special care for their muscles and joints. We have combined an exclusive look with maximum functionality thanks to high-quality fabrics, designer shapes and colours and careful workmanship.

Memory foam

European quality

Pet friendly

Scratch resistant

What is most important, however, is invisible to the eye. The most important element of Orthopedic lairs is their memory filling. The foam adapts to the shape of the body, and relieves the dog’s joints, pleasantly enveloping and gently warming the quadruped muscles. It is a real relief for your pet and a great way to get rid of any tension in the body. It is also a healthy rest, which is so necessary for dog regeneration.

We also took care of other amenities for your pet. The fabric is resistant to abrasion, thanks to which the bed will retain its properties even when a weakened dog glides its paws on its surface or has other difficulties in moving. For greater durability, the surface has also been quilted, but we did not use thread for this. Thanks to ultrasonic quilting technology, you can be sure that a tired pet will not pull out the threads and will not change the appearance of the bed.

The Orthopedic collection includes three types of beds, with and without casing. They are available in different colours and sizes. Pet owners will appreciate them for:

  • orthopaedic insert that relieves joints and relieves muscles,
  • the method of sewing and finishing, giving the beds an exclusive look,
  • the removable blanket that helps keep the bed clean.

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