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Dogs’ bodies do not have an efficient way of cooling down. They must rely on panting, and dogs will frequently push themselves to exhaustion, particularly if they are having a good time! So, below are some ideas to help keep your best buddy cool in the heat.

Keep them cool in the shade

Some dogs spend their entire lives outside, regardless of the season. Create or find adequate shade that does not dissipate or move away from your dog’s location; this is critical depending on where the sun is. In other words, trees may not provide consistent shade throughout the day. If you are a do-it-yourselfer, you could build something. If you’re anything like me, you might want to go to the pet store and get a well-ventilated doghouse, also known as a “Doggy Igloo.”

Using Self-Cooling Pads/Mats/Vests to Keep Fido Cool

You can buy these online or at almost any pet store. You should ensure that the vest fits your dog properly and that the materials used in the vest and self-cooling bed are of the proper type. Simple ways to accomplish this include reading reviews from other pet owners online, speaking with other dog owners, or going in-store to conduct your own research (speak to some employees). It is critical to remember that this is only one option. If you cannot afford mats or vests, there are many other options that may be more effective or at least as good.

Water that is always clean and never runs out

Water is just as important to dogs as it is to humans. Dogs can survive for several days on water alone, but without it, they die in less than a week. Water may appear to be a simple thing, but some pet owners discover that their dog is extremely picky about water. Make sure the bowls are clean and that fresh water is provided on a daily basis. You can buy a doggy water dish with a reservoir that is connected to a pool hose or tap, ensuring that your dog never runs out of water.


Some dog breeds now have a single coat, while others have a double coat. If your dog has a lot of fur and it’s hot outside, you should give them a trim or take them to the groomers (assuming your budget allows). This is especially important if you have a double-coated breed.

Fans and air conditioning

During the summer months, not every household has access to, or may require, air conditioning. To simplify things on the temperature front, ask yourself, “Would I be hot if my dog left the house right now and didn’t turn on the fan or air conditioning? If you would be too hot, odds are your pet would be too.

Never, ever leave your dog in the car!

Similarly to what we’ve learned about infants, your dog can die after only 5 minutes in a car while you run a quick errand. Even with the window cracked on relatively mild days when it is 25 degrees Fahrenheit outside, the temperature can climb up to 38 degrees within just a few minutes. This is the number one cause of heatstroke in dogs.

In Conclusion

Snuggles and treats are always appreciated, but truly caring for our furry family members comes from our efforts to delve beneath the surface of general knowledge. Dos and don’ts for dogs vary greatly depending on breed, age, weight, and other factors. All of this information is easily accessible through a few quick internet searches, books, and previous experience. A few simple decisions and provisions can not only save you money, but also save your dog’s life.

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