Let me guess – was it your parent that first made the comment to you that is the title to this article? It`s nothing wrong, they were simply attempting to motivate you as you chose your clothing or made the first remarks to someone you were going to meet.


The first impression made to a customer is also very important as they see your shop. A report in the book, “Predatory Marketing” says that 53% of the impression a person has of your business comes from when the customer first sees your shop.

Let`s look at a free standing store – this means the road sign, parking lot, lighting and window displays are telling existing and potential customers about your shop.

Let`s think about the customer that when first spoken to, responds with – “I know what I am looking for”. Many shops take this as a point of pride implying the frequency a customer visits. Instead – it states a problem. This customer is most likely going to walk the same aisle, looking at no other merchandise, and picking up only the item(s) they came to purchase. This experience is what causes the number of items a customer purchases on a single trip to be a really low number.

A part of what causes this to happen is the merchandise making the first impression – what they first see. If the first seen item(s) are the same on subsequent visits, the shop is giving a message to customers that “nothing has changed”.

How frequently does your average customer visit your shop? The answer will indicate how frequently the display first seen should be changed. End caps are another place where merchandise should be changed. You can achieve it by exchanging the location of one display or end cap for another.

Making these changes will do several things for your shop. That customer who is making a bee line for that same item is now going to be exposed to more product offerings.

The average line count is going to increase meaning your sales per square foot are also going to increase. And finally, your shop is getting a second opportunity to make that first impression.

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