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Best 5 dog beds for summer

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It’s the middle of summer and we’re all feeling the heat. What better way to relax than to simply stretch out on your favorite lounger and watch the world go by? Sure it may not be an option for your busy life, with all your important human schedules and commitments, but there is no reason to burden your pup with all of that. Here is our, subjective of course, list of best dog beds to spend this summer on:

1) Best for lazing around the house:

The Wikopet Contempo Crib

Whether you are looking for a bed to use indoors or out, inside the crate or in front of your sofa, this heavy-duty, low-maintenance lounger can do it all. Stylish, contemporary design, machine-washable, waterproof cover and supportive filling is ideal for all pooches that need to be involved in everything their families do.

3) Best for those who can never get warm enough:

The Wikopet Lavish Davenport with Velcro Blanket

If your furbaby prefers to spend his summers in a comfortable, air-conditioned space (as we all do), this is the ultimate bed for her. This cozy, supple cushion will let her keep an eye on you (and any ice-cream you may be eating), while the luxuriously fluffy blankie will keep her from shivering at night. The blanket is fastened with Velcro to prevent any unwanted sliding.

4) Best for travel:

The Wikopet Roll-up Mat

No reason to lug that big, chunky dog bed with you when you can just roll with this mat! This convenient little number fits in any bag and is great for overnight stays, trips to the beach, picnics, restaurants and grandma visits. The velvety inside and sturdy outer layer are the best summer combo.

5) Most portable:

Wikopet pet bed - Travel bed

The Wikopet Peaceful Travel Carrier

Ok, so maybe this is not a traditional bed, but this nifty carrier is indispensible for all the busy globetrotters on the go and elderly pups struggling to keep up.  It’s a safe and calm haven for the shy doggos. It comes with a little window for the curious ones. It’s a way for you and your furbaby to be together, wherever the summer takes you.

The Wikopet Chic Cushion

Made of breathable, soft but durable fabric and filled with moisture absorbing Tencel (lyocell), or medical grade memory foam, this fun and chic design is simply perfect for short and long naps without a care in the world.

2) Most versatile:

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