So you’ve made up your mind to get your best friend his own bed. Trust me, it’s a great decision.  After all, how long can you put up with all this fur in yours? Sure, he is a sweet pup, but does he really need to take up the middle of your bed? We’re not even gonna go into detail on how many times you woke up with a paw on your chest, or your nose in his…tail. Needless to say, the time has come for Buddy to sleep on his own. You’ve reached your co-sleeping limit and are desperate for a little privacy.

There are 3 main factors to consider: size, special needs and Home décor.

Easier said than done though. To ensure that operation out-of-my-bed-for-good proves successful, you need to find a perfect bed. Thread carefully here! If you fail to provide the ultimate haven, you will find your furbaby cozying up to you in all his hot, fuzzy glory before you even have time to think about turning the fan on. How to make sure that you make the right choice for your dog? There are 3 main factors to consider:



Size. This is a no-brainer. You wouldn’t choose an XL bed for a Chihuahua or a little XS number for your Lab. Naturally, weight matters as well. But, something that pet parents often forget about when shopping for a dog bed is their doggo-baby favorite sleeping position. Does Lady sleep all curled up? She may feel more comfortable in a smaller size, nesting type bed, even if she’s a big girl. If Buddy loves to stretch out, get him a mattress; he’d feel too closed in by anything with walls. Sleeping on a side with her head elevated? Sofa bed it is!

Special needs

Special needs. How old is your pup? If shopping for a six-month-old, keep in mind their constant need to gnaw at anything they can get their teeth on. Consider getting a bed made with some extra-durable, scratch resistant fabric. Microfiber, Alcantara®, vegan leather, or tightly-knit cotton should do the trick. Incontinent, elderly dogs will surely appreciate a good quality orthopedic bed, filled with medical grade memory foam, and you will definitely appreciate the ease of cleaning something that’s made of a waterproof material, such as vegan leather, or heavy-duty polyester.

Home décor

Yes, that’s important too. After all, you will probably put your dog’s bed in a fairly visible spot in your home, so you need to be happy with it too. Look for something that matches your own coach in terms of style and color. If it’s meant to last for years to come, don’t settle for an option you will come to hate after a couple of weeks.

Now that you know the big three, you are all set to start looking. Don’t take too long though. The whole point of this exercise is getting your best friend a bed they will love as much as yours. The sooner that happens, the sooner you get your privacy back.

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